Tuesday, February 14, 2012

15 ways to keep a relationship working:

1. LOVE each other..
2. don't LIE..
3. keep COMMUNICATION open..
4. STAY with..
5. when u got HURT, juz FORGIVE n FORGET..
6. never talks bout BREAK-UPS..
7. never say "IT'S OKAY" even IT'S NOT..
8. forget bout PRIDE..
9. if u say sorry, MEAN it..
10. don't talk bout ur stupid EX's..
11. don't COMPARE ur past to ur PRESENT..
12. GIVE n TAKE process..
13. be AWARE of his/her FEELING..
14. when u had a FIGHT, don't let the day pass w/out being FINE..
15. don't be the PERFECT ONE..be the RIGHT ONE..  ;

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